Meet Eve

Apple’s HomeKit software aims to put its own spin on home automation. Elgato has announced that Eve, the company’s range of sensors used for monitoring your home will be using HomeKit as a framework, developers can link up iOS products to communicate with home appliances, such as thermostats, light bulbs and garage openers.

The Eve home monitoring system by Elgato isn’t really a single product; it’s more an entire monitoring ecosystem, with a full arsenal of various remote sensors.

Meet Eve

Meet Eve

Eve Room, it’s a device that will monitor air quality, temperature and humidity. Eve Door and Window, will allow you to check the current state of your entrances and exits.

What makes Eve unique is that the various sensors will be able to connect to an iPhone or iPad using the HomeKit framework to give you a status report of your home, with the purpose of looking to reduce resource the consumption and improve the quality of life.