Low-Cost Airline Spirit To Offer In-Flight WiFi

Looks like it’s time to switch Airlines.

Ultra low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines announced last week that it will install WiFi throughout its fleet by summer 2019.

It is expected to cost under $7, with passengers using their own phones, tablets, and laptops to logon. Prices will be based on flight distance and bandwidth usage. Passengers will know the price when they try to connect to the onboard Wi-Fi server.

Spirit is known for low fares, lots of fees and skimping on creature comforts. Seat rows are squeezed closer together than on other U.S. airlines. And Spirit continues to draw more complaints to the Department of Transportation per enplanement than any other U.S. airline.


According to the airline’s president, WiFi is just one of the many things Spirit is doing to improve its product offering.

For Spirit, affordable WiFi is one part of a larger strategy to improve the airline’s overall experience.

“It does enhance the overall offering that we can make available to our guests,” the airline’s president said. “But it’s just one component of an overall promise we are making to our guests which is that we will continue to invest in our product to make it better all the time.”

Spirit is teaming up with the Thales Group, a French multinational, to provide the new satellite-based, high-speed internet service. The airline says it will increase the speed in 2021, with the launch of a new satellite built by a Thales subsidiary.

Source: Business Insider