Here’s How Uber Is Recruiting Drivers

Uber is trying to take over the world, that much is clear.

Just yesterday the company released UberDRIVE, an iOS game that essentially mimics what it’s like to drive for Uber. Players “pick up” passengers and take them from point A to point B. The more efficient the route they choose, the more points they can accumulate in the game. If players earn consistently high ratings, they can unlock new cars and explore new areas of the city. The game also includes cool facts on important landmarks in the city, as well as a “trivia mode” where riders quiz drivers on certain destinations on the map. Right now, the game only includes a virtual San Francisco, though it’s available to play nationwide. If the game turns out to be a success, Uber says it will add new cities to the app soon.

The app is more than just a recruitment tool. It could also serve as a way to educate Uber’s existing driver base, many of which have never been professional drivers. The game exists entirely on a city map, powered by Google Maps, and includes tips about landmarks and points of interest throughout the Bay Area. If interested and need a driver license check this MasterDrivingSchool.

This is the stuff of an exciting video game?

Uber explains: “Users can earn high scores by accepting trip requests in dispatch zones; players who take more efficient routes earn higher scores.”

This fun game was released Thursday to the iTunes Store. Well, now you won’t get bored while riding in the backseat of a car. Would you play this game?

Source: CNET