GoJi, A Keyboard That Tells You Where To Go

Josh Williams is keyboard-savvy, and what he has done is such a great thing.

We’ve seen predictive keyboards, doodle keyboard, GIF keyboards. Now, Josh hands us Goji, an emoji keyboard app that allows you to send quick text messages to friends based around various different activities, and even makes suggestions for where you can go. By working in the apps that you already use, like Messages, Mail, Facebook Messenger, Notes, or anywhere else you type, Goji will be able to answer your questions such as “What should we do today?” “Where should we eat?” “What’s going on tonight?” is the first product of The Last Guide Company, Williams’ new venture that aims to make finding stuff to do at the right moment a lot easier. “If Yelp is for general local search and Foursquare is for personalized local search – last Guide products will tell you what’s good for the right moment.” In answer to the question of why Goji only provides three ideas for coffee, dinner, or a sushi place, Josh said: “We want to reduce the paradox of choice. For me, finding places or things to do has always leaned heavily on recommendations from people that I really trust, or just context in general.”

As of now, Goji has just raised $2.1 million and recruited a small team to work on the project. While the team has expanded since then, the focus is still the same: finding ways to help people explore the world around them. Goji is available at launch in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Brooklyn, Manhattan – and they’re stoked to unlock more cities very soon!

At this time, Goji may be a toy, but it’s still worth considering. The keyboard hints a future where search for information will be conducted differently. Share your comments with us.