DoorDash Teams With WalMart To Expand Online Grocery Delivery

DoorDash is about to make a big move into grocery delivery — with Walmart as its first big partner.

While Instacart looks to control the end-to-end customer experience for grocery delivery, and Amazon is off doing things its Whole Foods delivery system, DoorDash is hoping it can build a network that any company that needs some delivery network can tap without giving up its direct relationship with their customers.

In March, Walmart announced that it would begin delivering groceries to 100 new cities this year, up from the six it serviced at the time. Since then, it’s announced partnerships with Postmates, and now, DoorDash, to make that promise a reality.

“You can use the term white label, but our drivers still will often wear the DoorDash shirt and have the DoorDash bag,” DoorDash COO Christopher Payne said. “But if you go to Walmart.com, and order from Walmart in Atlanta, you’ll have no idea it’s from DoorDash. We’re very supportive of that scenario, that’s the DoorDash Drive scenario. We’re excited to build a business with them and provide this capability.”

DoorDash will work alongside Walmart’s in-house team of more than 18,000 personal shoppers in order to bring deliveries to thousands of customers across Atlanta.

Our work with Walmart marks DoorDash’s official launch beyond restaurant delivery,” said Payne. “We look forward to expanding across the country, enabling Walmart customers everywhere to spend more time doing the things they love.”

Payne said he hopes this will be one of the first of a major expansion of that DoorDash Drive initiative to become a tool that businesses can start tapping for local delivery.

Source: Engadget