You Can Now Charge Your Phone With WiFi

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Wireless charging saves you the small annoyance of plugging in your phone, but it still requires contact between the device and the charger. If this is possible, will battieries be able to be charged from anywhere in the range of a WiFi router?

That’s the question University of Washington researchers asked before developing a system called “power over WiFi.”

With a range of up to 28 feet, the system is capable of recharging batters through the air. The only components needed for the system are sensors and a router.

The sensors both harvest the radio frequency and convert it into DC power. The router is upgraded to transmit both a WiFi signal as well as power. The best part is that it doesn’t at all weaken the strength of the internet connection.

Tests at several ranges have already been conducted on a variety of small objects such as a camera and thermometer sensor. Until the FCC loosens its restrictions on router power output, this technology won’t be able to charge larger objects.

The measurable success of the research has demonstrated how easily the technology can be inserted into everyday life. Today, cellphones can be charged with UW research, but perhaps someday a Tesla will be able to get its electricity from WiFi.

Source: Wired

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