Hydraulic line.

A Beginner’s Guide to a Hydraulic System Parts and Uses

You might not realize that hydraulics aren’t only limited to tightening bolts, raising RVs, and lifting trains. They are in plenty of items you might not be aware of.

You would be surprised to learn some of the places or items you might find hydraulic systems, on of the best is the hydraulic repair in burnsville mn shop.

Keep reading our beginners guide where you will learn the basics, core components, and where hydraulic systems are used nowadays.

A Beginner’s Guide to a Hydraulic System

Let’s start from the beginning — what exactly is a hydraulic system. In easiest terms, it’s a type of technology where a fluid is used to move the energy from a motor to an actuator to power the motor or engine. There are various hydraulic parts that make up a complete hydraulic system.

Core Components

A hydraulic system has four major components. 


The pump is the component that moves mechanical energy by moving the fluid in the reservoir. It is able to move the liquid with pressure. 


This is the component responsible for holding the liquid. It transfers heat into the system and removes air and moisture from the fluid that is kept in storage when it’s not in use.


The valves start and stop the system. They are also responsible for directing where the fluid moves to. 


The actuators take the hydraulic energy that is created and change it back to mechanical energy. This is the energy that is used.

Where Do We See Hydraulic Systems?

Like we mentioned earlier hydraulic systems are seen in more places than you realize.

They are in the elevators that you might ride every day or once in a while. Gas station pumps use hydraulic systems to draw the fuel out of the storage tank into your car when you’re pumping gas.

If you go to the barbershop you might have noticed the lever underneath the seat that the barber uses to adjust the height of the chair. Same at the beauty salon. Hydraulic systems power those lift mechanisms.

Office chairs with the lever similar to a barber chair also use hydraulic systems. Have you flown on an airplane lately? These use hydraulic systems to operate their control panels. 

A few others that might surprise you include:

  • Snowplows — Let the plow move side to side and up and down
  • Dishwasher — Increase water pressure
  • Bakeries — Mass produce bread with systems lifting, flipping, moving, and packaging
  • Amusement Parks — Used in rides to give and control motion

With so many uses, can you imagine a life without the hydraulic invention? Many of the conveniences we enjoy in our everyday life wouldn’t exist. 

Feeling Like an Expert Yet?

Now that you know more about a hydraulic system are you feeling like a pro? If you are like most some of the everyday places you might find hydraulics surprised you too. 

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