5 Things You Should Always Do to Increase Your Chances of Winning Your Car Accident Case

Minor fender benders are usually easy to resolve, sometimes without the need for police or a legal third party. However, getting injured in a car accident when the other person is at fault often necessitates legal help from a qualified attorney. By reaching out for legal help, you can ensure you get the compensation you need for any pain, suffering, and/or emotional trauma.

Every car accident, though, is unique. Quite frankly, some car accident injury cases are easier and faster to win while others are a bit more complex. Either way, taking the following five things into account can give you a greater chance of winning your car accident case.

1. Collect evidence sooner than later.

As time passes, the quicker the evidence tied to your car accident case slip from your memory. While you may remember the big picture, the vital details may fade or even get distorted. Taking photographs, writing down important details of the event, and making copies of medical records are all important to do as soon as possible.

2. Save the contact information of witnesses.

Passengers, other drivers, people walking within the vicinity of the collision, and others nearby who first-handly witnessed the collision all make for great potential witnesses. The more witnesses you have to prove that the other driver was, in fact, at fault, the greater evidence you have to prove your case. That said, it’s vital to save your witnesses’ contact information.

3. Refrain from speaking to the other driver or their insurer.

Generally, it’s a bad idea to speak to the other driver and/or their insurance company to get the compensation you need for your injuries, especially when you already have an attorney or plan on filing a claim in the near future. If the other driver was clearly at fault, it may be fine to talk directly to their insurer. However, your settlement may take a lot longer to come through.

4. Get a good attorney.

Don’t settle with just any lawyer. Go for someone who’s not only experienced in their field and has taken on similar cases as yours but also is someone you feel comfortable communicating with. The ideal attorney for a car accident case should also have good research skills, judgment, medical knowledge, analytical skills, and persuasion.

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5. File a claim as quickly as possible.

While it’s a good idea to wait a while to file a personal injury claim after an accident as some injuries take a few days to develop, waiting too long could decrease your chances of winning your case. Not only will you forget information over time, but the statute of limitations for personal injury in your state may prevent you from filing too far down the line.

Depending on your car accident injuries and how severe they might be, however, you may need to file your claim very soon to ensure you receive compensation quicker to pay for any immediate surgeries, treatments, or care you may require.


Although the process seems intimidating, filing a car accident injury case is the best decision to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Quickly collecting evidence, saving the contact information of witnesses, refusing to speak to the other driver,  getting a good attorney, and filing the claim quickly are all musts to boost your chances of winning your case.